May/June 2010 Turtle Calendar

May 16 – O’Leno Old Time Dance: Flying Turtles String Band with Eric Harris and Jonathan King calling. [O’Leno State Park, 6 miles N of High Springs, FL on 441 State Park entrance fee applies…carpooling saves the environment and $.]

May 28 – 30 – 58th Florida Folk Festival, White Springs, FL [Schedule not yet published]

Calendar March/April 2010

Catching up again…

March 13 – Cross Creek Cloggers at the Quilt Festival in Trenton, FL – 2 sets, at 11 and 2 (Tom & Elle backing up the CCC)

March 17 – St Patrick’s Day – Private Party in St Augustine, FL – (Tom, Elle, Eleta)

March 27 – Sandy’s Place, 34th St, Gainesville, FL – (Tom & Elle cajun/blues mix)

April 3 – Florida Old Time Music Championships, Sertoma Youth Ranch, Dade City, FL (judges)

April 18 – O’Leno Old Time Dance: Flying Turtles String Band 2 – 3:30 (Tom, Elle, Eleta, Pete, Dan with Eric Harris calling) then Wild Asparagus from Greenfield MA from 4 – 7 (Becky, David, Mark, Anne, with George Marshall calling) [WHOO HOO!]

April 25 – Orlando Contra Dance at the Sanford Women’s Club, Sanford, FL 5:30 – 9 (Tom, Elle, Dan) This is the first dance in the new location. Time to make it after Barberville Spring Frolic festivities wind down.

January/February Turtle Calendar

Catching up here:


January 9 – Winter Exuberance (Tom, Elle, Pete, Eleta) – Charlie Dyer (Jax) Calling (fundraiser for Deborah Thompson)

January 16 – Dancing with the GODS – (Tom, Elle, Pete, Eleta) Co-Callers JoLaine Pokorney, Jonathan King, Joe Rush (G’ville area)

January 17 – O’Leno Old Time Dance – Eric Harris (Tampa) Calling

January 22 – Sandy’s Place (Tom, Elle, Will) (Cajun/R&B/Swing)


February 5 – Early Mardi Gras at the Kickin’ Devil Cafe (Gainesville) (Tom, Elle, Will) (Dance Music! Cajun/Zyedco, R&B/Swing)

February 6 – Wedding

February 19 – Melbourne Contra Dance – Andy Shore (SoFla) Calling

February 21 – O’Leno Old Time Dance – Eric Harris (Tampa) Calling

December Turtle Calendar

December 4 – Sandy’s Place (5001 NW 34th Ave, Gainesville) (Tom, Elle, Will) Cajun/R&B/Swing

December 12 – Trenton Community Farmers Market Block Party

December 15 – Oak Hall School with Andy Kane Calling (Gainesville)

December 17 – High Springs Farmers Market

December 20 – O’Leno Old Time Dance, Eric Harris (Tampa) Calling

December 26 – Tampa Friends of Old Time Dance – Contra Dance, Stan Prince (Tampa) and Dwayne Johnson (Louisville)

November Turtle Calendar

November 1 – Eagles (utb Dubs) (Tom, Elle, Will, David)

November 7 & 8 – Barberville Fall Festival (Tom, Elle, Will, David)

November 13 – Kickin Devil Cafe (Tom, Elle, Will, David)

November 14 – Trenton Community Farmers Market Block Party

November 15 – O’Leno Old Time Dance, Andy Kane (G’ville) Calling

November 21 – Gator Tales (Tom, Elle, David)

November 23 – Squares with Kathy Anderson, Gainesville

Kickin’ Devil Dancers

kickind 1st

Hogtown Zydeco – 9/11/09

A month ago, I tried to decide…heads? feet? legs? Tonight, I’ll have another chance to catch the dancers flying around that crazy space.

October Turtle Calendar

October 9 – Kickin Devil Cafe (Gainesville) (Tom, Elle, Will, David)

October 11 – O’Leno Old-Time Dance, Eric Harris (Tampa) Calling

October 17 – Live Oak Fall Festival

October 24 – Trenton Community Farmers Market Block Party 9 to Noon

October 24 – Tampa Friends of Old Time Dance, Rick Katz (Tampa) Calling

October 31 – Casselberry Dance – Happy Halloween with Stan Prince (Tampa) Calling